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 I DIGITAL — software development company

We develop CMS, CRM, ERP, LMS, AIS software tools, and web-portals to enable educational institutions to streamline the digitization processes.

For the easy and seamless implementation of software, I-Digital provides universities with methodological and technical support: database migration support, training, technical support for users, reengineering and business processes optimization.
32 talented IT specialists with engineering mindset

We value our  specialists for their flexibility and systems thinking as well as for the ability to analyze information, to experiment and offer alternative solutions.  We are proud that we have made a long journey from a local web studio to an international product company.




Core values


Software development is not just code quality



I-DIGITAL — a digital transformation driver for educational institutions



Mission of I Digital is to further universities to the processes of digital transformation and integration into the global educational community.


I Digital provides universities with a SaaS complex solution HeRo Study:

• HeRo Study Space — enables colleges and universities to organize, manage and analyze educational process  based on uniform data
• HeRo Workspace — a flexible, easy-to-use project management tool that facilitates university unique workflow and enables cross-departmental communication and collaboration
• HeRo HR — recruitment and human resource management software



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